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The Joy of shooting with a TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) Camera

Twin Lens Reflex. TLR. Three words you rarely hear anymore in this current world of ever evolving digital cameras with their translucent mirrors, ever rising megapixels and cheap mass-memory cards. The Twin Lens Reflex camera is a technology that dates back to the 1870’s. Since the demise of the consumer film market and the rise

We’re back…!

It’s fixed. Somehow when we were tinkering under the hood, we lost all of our blog posts and only the excerpts remained. unfortunately, it has taken us a while to find a way to fix it. It turns out we had previously downloaded an XML file containing all of the original blog posts from this

Organising photos

We have a problem with organisation. Our camera gear inhabits a messy box whereby all manner of gear is stowed, thrown and crammed; our camera bags are strewn across the house at the end of the day. In the last decade or so of taking photographs we have done the digital equivalent of chucking our

Rules of Photography…

Ever spent time reading a photographic technique book? Or browsed through a forum looking for tips? We have and one thing stands out out the rules. Rules for composition, rules for exposure, rules for everything. Everyone providing the advice wants us to follow them. And if we did that, it would be a very bland

Getting published – Surbiton Good Life & The Telegraph

So, I got published. I didn’t plan to, it just kind of happened. I had been out taking photographs around our local town, Surbiton, when I struck up a conversation with someone else who had been enjoying the unexpected wildlife. It turned out they run the Surbiton Wildlife Group and long story short, I ended up providing one of our images

In search of inspiration & a problem with photo sharing sites

Flickr. 500px. Instagram. Facebook. Most photographers we know have dipped their toes into them, in a vague effort to promote their photography. Both of us have Flickr accounts, but they mainly serve to act as a platform to share photos onto the forums we inhabit. We haven’t ever used it much beyond that and our experience