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Tokina 17mm AT-X AF F3.5 Aspherical Wide Prime Lens

After upgrading from a crop sensor to a full frame sensor we were in the hunt for a new wide angle lens, and having blown our budget we started to look for a bargain. Enter the Tokina 17mm AT-X f/3.5 prime lens. Our go to lens for many years was a Tokina 11-16 AT-X Pro, as it was perfectly

Abandoning the Tripod – A note on using high ISO

High ISO. Noise. Grain. These are all words that are thrown about photography forums all over the net, and within magazines. There seems to be a crusade to banish any noise from our photos and achieve a silky smooth finish to our photographs. Perversely, actual film grain has become stylish, sexy and cool and the hipsters

Photography – The luck of being there

From our own personal experiences, the skill of photography can be broken down into the following: 1. 10% having the right equipment, 2. 10% knowing what you are doing, and, 3. 80% being in the right place, at the right time. In the past we have spent hours planning photography trips, only to fall at the

Portfolio: Peeling Paint

As most of you may already know, we indulge in a little hobby called Urban Exploration. We aren’t going to go into the details of why you’ll find us on the wrong side of a fence, our main blog covers that. For anyone that carries a camera, a derelict building can offer a tremendous amount of

Hello – a new photography subsection for you

For the last 9 years of operating TheTimeChamber has always had a photography section glued to side of it. We haven’t ever done much with it, other than sling up a random selection of photographs that we are pleased with. When we switched  the website over to running on WordPress, we added a few tutorials and musings and