Organising photos

Organising photos

We have a problem with organisation. Our camera gear inhabits a messy box whereby all manner of gear is stowed, thrown and crammed; our camera bags are strewn across the house at the end of the day. In the last decade or so of taking photographs we have done the digital equivalent of chucking our negatives in the bottom drawer. Whereby we are storing them in folders titled with their date and location. In running the main side of TheTimeChamber we have been able to organise our photos based on its name, location and year we visited; this works nicely alongside the structure of the website. Beyond this, everything else is thrown into vague folders for editing with no further thought as to their use.

Since restarting the Photo section of the website and looking to add more galleries, we have begun to realise that this manner of organisation isn’t overly suitable and finding a specific type of photograph is time consuming (we are thankful to the photo section of Dropbox for a quick thumbnail view of everything we have ever taken). We did not realise the shortfalls of our organisation as we have never really concentrated on creating portfolios to display our photographs online. When we have shared our photographs online, it has normally been of a specific place we have visited whilst exploring to share on a forum. Subsequently, we have ended up with a mishmash of images with no real structure beyond the location the photograph was taken. In effect, it looks like we just snap away at anything that takes our fancy and if you were to browse our Flickr Photostream, you would find a lurching parade of Landscape, Street, Animals and Urban Exploration.

Sports Hall, Pripyat #1 – Vacant

One reason for restarting the Photography section of TheTimeChamber as a completely separate subsection was to try and find purpose to our photography outside of Urban Exploration and display our images in a coherent manner. The new layout and WordPress Theme we are using allows us to create Portfolios of work – it does feel as though we have enrolled at the local camera club – and has made us look through our archive of photos and try and spot and pick out common themes and groups. So far, we have found and set up the following:

  1. Art of Flight (Birds)
  2. Peeling Paint (Urban Exploration)
  3. Lighthouses (Landscapes)
  4. Vacant (Urban Exploration)
  5. Forests (Landscapes)
  6. Bokeh (Self indulgent)
  7. Buildings (ummm…Buildings?)
  8. Machinery (Urban Exploration)

We’ll see how we get on, but so far so good. Expect more soon! In writing this blog post, we have also decide to attempt to use Lightroom to organise our photos.


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