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Ooh you filthy beast……

Or why it’s important to keep your kit clean….. So, we have been unhappy with the performance of one of our lenses for a while. Especially as it was renowned for its super sharpness. We just weren’t getting that ‘on point’ razor sharp focus and resolution.  We have had this particular lens for a few

The Joy of shooting with a TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) Camera

Twin Lens Reflex. TLR. Three words you rarely hear anymore in this current world of ever evolving digital cameras with their translucent mirrors, ever rising megapixels and cheap mass-memory cards. The Twin Lens Reflex camera is a technology that dates back to the 1870’s. Since the demise of the consumer film market and the rise

Tokina 17mm AT-X AF F3.5 Aspherical Wide Prime Lens

After upgrading from a crop sensor to a full frame sensor we were in the hunt for a new wide angle lens, and having blown our budget we started to look for a bargain. Enter the Tokina 17mm AT-X f/3.5 prime lens. Our go to lens for many years was a Tokina 11-16 AT-X Pro, as it was perfectly