Portfolio: Peeling Paint

Portfolio: Peeling Paint

As most of you may already know, we indulge in a little hobby called Urban Exploration. We aren’t going to go into the details of why you’ll find us on the wrong side of a fence, our main blog covers that. For anyone that carries a camera, a derelict building can offer a tremendous amount of photographic opportunities if you are willing to take the risk. We could sit here and rattle on about the interplay of light, the vivid colours, the juxtapositions and the interesting paraphernalia that can be found in abundance. But we won’t. This isn’t a viva. We’re here to introduce one of our first side projects.  Peeling Paint.

Peeling 3

Peeling Paint is something we have always photographed when out and about beyond the fence as have come across it in just about every abandoned building we have stepped foot in.  There is something about it that is just unexpected and rather pleasing. So here is a gallery of our favourite peeling paint shots:



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